Vehicle claims history reports

A vehicle claims history report will tell you:

  • whether a specific vehicle has ever been part of an ICBC claim
  • the type of claim (e.g. collision, vandalism)
  • the date the damage occurred and the amount paid or the amount of the outstanding damage estimate, if available
  • the location of the primary area of damage (available for most claims)
    whether a claim was made to ICBC for theft of the vehicle
  • the vehicle’s status (the report also provides a definition of the status)
  • if the vehicle may be required to pass a mechanical/safety inspection (due to an outstanding Notice and Order Number 1 or Number 2)
  • if there may be certain restrictions (other than the requirement for a mechanical inspection) that might prevent your customer from licensing the vehicle (Some examples: a Court Order which prevents your customer from transferring the vehicle into their name; the vehicle may have been reported as stolen, etc.)
  • whether the vehicle has been imported from another jurisdiction (the report will state if the vehicle is a Canadian or foreign import, but the date the vehicle entered B.C. is not available).

Create a vehicle claims history report

Vehicle claims history 


Claims information is from ICBC’s files only—damage paid by other insurance companies is not included.

A search fee is charged whether damage claims are found or not.

If the report shows a claim, your customer may be able to obtain a copy of the detailed damage estimate for a fee of $16.78 + GST. Please see the FAQs for additional information.