Here are some tips to keep your skills sharp and information on what to do should you choose to leave the driving to others.

Refreshing your driving skills

The rules of the road are constantly evolving. We could all use a refresher every now and then to keep our skills up.

To review your driving knowledge, you can visit any driver licensing office to pick up a copy of ICBC’s Learn to Drive Smart or Tuning Up for Drivers. You can also try taking the online practice knowledge test.

You might also want to consider driver training or taking a refresher course for experienced drivers.

Staying healthy

Driving can be emotionally and physically demanding. Get medical check-ups as recommended by your physician to identify and manage health risks.

Driving also relies heavily upon your vision. Be sure to get regular eye exams to check for vision changes and wear glasses or contacts if required.

​At age 80 and every two years thereafter, you will need a Driver’s Medical Examination Report (DMER) completed by your physician, as required by the provincial Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. They may also refer you for an Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA).

Keeping your vehicle in good condition

To keep you safer on the road, here are some maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle is in good working condition:

  • Clean the outside and inside of the windshield regularly to improve visibility.
  • Keep tires properly inflated for good steering and braking.
  • Replace the wiper blades at least annually.
  • Check monthly that headlights, brake lights and turn signal lights work.
  • Have your vehicle serviced regularly to keep it running well.

In addition, having vehicle equipment like GPS, rear backup cameras, and oversized rearview mirrors may be helpful.

Saving money on your insurance

Did you know that as an experienced, senior driver, you could save up to 25% on your insurance premiums?

See our experienced driver discount page for more information.

If you decide to retire from driving

Driving can be stressful. It can often be more relaxing to walk, use public transit, take a taxi or ride with family or friends.

As a senior, you can likely get some of your routine items, such as groceries or pharmaceuticals, delivered for free.

Learn more about retiring your licence.

Taking an Enhanced Road Assessment

Learn what to expect on your ERA.