Autoplan service at dealerships

ICBC expectations of dealers

The following are ICBC’s expectations of dealers who host Autoplan brokers.

  • Automobile dealers may refer customers to an Autoplan broker on their premises but will not tell customers or imply that they are required to use the on-site broker.
  • Automobile dealers may work with selected Autoplan brokers on a preferred basis but will not enter into an exclusive agreement with any brokers.
  • Automobile dealers will cooperate with customers and brokers to accommodate a customer’s access to their broker of choice.
  • Automobile dealers will not reward an Autoplan broker for undertaking, agreeing, guaranteeing or achieving any type of sales targets or sales volumes for any insurance products.
  • Automobile dealers will protect the interests of customers. This includes complying with all disclosure requirements, such as those administered by the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of B.C.
  • Automobile dealers will not counsel or request an Autoplan broker to improperly collect tax, register, license, or insure a vehicle, including counselling inaccurate declarations of the registered owner, lessee or principal operator.