BCUC regulation of ICBC

The B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) was appointed in 2003 as the independent regulator for ICBC with the responsibility to approve rates for Basic insurance.

Basic rates for 2020

For the first time in almost a decade, ICBC doesn’t need to increase basic insurance rates effective April 1, 2020.

Learn more about ICBC’s basic rates for 2020.

Basic Insurance Tariff

The Basic Insurance Tariff, effective June 1, 2007, was approved through Commission Order G-57-07. Subsequent amendments were approved through Commission Orders G-3-08, G-4-08, G-125-08, G-129-08, G-171-08, G-186-08, G-21-09, G-49-09, L-55-09, G-132-09, G-169-09, G-115-10, G-137-10, G-159-10, G-160-10, G-179-10, G-121-11, G-204-11, G-221-11, G-141-12, G-109-12, G-197-12, G-141-13, G-221-13, G-63-14, G-102-14, ​G-129-14, G-130-14,  G-201-14, G-81-15, G-127-15, G-169-15, G-200-15, G-74-16, G-121-16, G-139-16, G-140-16, G-142-16, G-188-16, G-2-17, G-35-17, G-37-17, G-146-17, G-183-17, G-40-18, G-50-18, G-55-18, G-8-18, G-165-18, G-188-18, G-244-18, G-1-19, G-109-19, G-167-19, G-192-19, G-203-19, G-252-19, and G-335-19.

ICBC’s Basic Insurance Tariff (8.8MB)

Note: This tariff information is provided for your convenience. If there are differences between this material and the official document approved by the BCUC, the official document shall prevail. The Basic Insurance Tariff, as posted above, may not be fully searchable.