FREE ICBC Knowledge Test Practice 2020 | BC

This free ICBC knowledge practice test has just been updated for 2020 and is designed to prepare you for the written portion of the BC driving test. It is based on the official Driver’s Handbook and will quiz you on BC road signs and rules, driving and parking regulations and techniques, vehicle licensing and registration information in British Columbia. Each of the 50 questions will provide 4 options to choose from. Take your time and rule out those unlikely ones: stick to the choice that seems to be the best and most logical way to answer the question. Should you make a mistake, the system will immediately prompt you the correct answer – before you move on to the next question. You will only be allowed to make 10 mistakes to pass this practice test, but you can always start it over to do even better next time. And remember to use our helpful hints if the right choice does not want to come easily!