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The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a provincial crown corporation with the main purpose of providing public auto insurance in British Columbia.

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Do I have to use ICBC?

ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance is mandatory for all drivers in BC. It helps ensure that you and all British Columbians who own and drive a motor vehicle

Is the ICBC knowledge test hard?

The knowledge test is not designed to trick you. Here’s a brief overview: There’s 50 questions in total and customers need to answer 40 of them correctly to pass. … For questions that seem difficult, a skip feature allows you to skip each question up to two times during the test.

  • The Knowledge Test: Study for this test as if your life depended on it March 13, 2019.
  • Preparing for and passing the ICBC knowledge test are the first steps toward obtaining a driver’s licence.
  • And with hundreds of crashes happening every day, ICBC goes to great lengths to ensure that only competent and safe drivers are issued a licence.
  • Here’s a brief overview: There’s 50 questions in total and customers need to answer 40 of them correctly to pass.
  • For questions that seem difficult, a skip feature allows you to skip each question up to two times during the test.
  • Staff can help explain a question you may not understand.
  • You can’t talk, refer to study materials or use any electronic devices.
  • Smile, you’re on camera Cheating attempts are uncommon during knowledge tests, but here’s one example of a person caught in the act.
  • The one-minute video clip shows the customer using their phone to search for an answer before a staff member stops the test and asks them to leave.
  • Unknown to them, an answer key serves no purpose for the ICBC knowledge test.
  • We also prevent cheating attempts through facial recognition technology and staff who monitor test sessions.
  • Cheating in any form results in serious penalties.
  • A first-time occurrence nets a 30-day suspension from re-taking the knowledge test.
  • And you get to re-live your transgression by having to sit down with one of our officers, who will remind you of the consequences of cheating.
  • That’s why when you’re vacationing in Paris or India, or even Montreal, you can rent a car and toodle around Mont Tremblant.
  • And we’d like to think that common sense spans across all languages.
  • Insight from a new Learner Sixteen-year-old Anna recently took her knowledge test at North Vancouver’s driver licensing office and was surprised that some people try to cheat.
  • If it was one of my friends who cheated on the test and they were really scared they wouldn’t pass, I’d probably tell them to go back and do it again,” Anna said.
  • Investing in the safety of all road users Sitting in the driver’s seat is a privilege.
  • Just as drivers need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the rules of the road, sharing the road with others, common hazards and safe driving practices.
  • A simple mistake – whether you’re a surgeon or a new driver – can have deadly consequences.
  • “Someday, this test has the potential to save your life.”
  • ICBC has many resources to help you prepare for the knowledge test, including the Learn to Drive Smart guide and the online practice knowledge test.

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  • By law, any vehicle registered and driven or parked on public streets in British Columbia must be covered by ICBC’s basic insurance package, which can be purchased from independent brokers across the province.
  • This basic coverage, called “Autoplan,” includes protection from third party legal liability, under-insured motorist protection, accident benefits, hit-and-run protection, and inverse liability.
  • ICBC continues to both hold a monopoly on basic insurance and offer optional additional coverage.
  • Like other insurance companies, ICBC bases its premiums on a client’s claims history, type of automobile, and geographic location.
  • The Corporation’s discount plan rewards safe drivers with reduced premiums based on the number of years the driver has been free of successful claims against him or her.

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  • The board of directors, the CEO, and ICBC management govern ICBC in accordance with corporate governance best practices, and in accordance with the provisions of the enabling legislation, the Motor Vehicle Act, other legislation applicable to ICBC, and directives from the provincial Cabinet Committee.
  • Proof of insurance is demonstrated, in part, by the application of a decal to the licence plate.
  • Revenue collected by the Corporation goes mostly towards paying insurance benefits and operational costs.
  • The remainder is devoted to fulfilling ICBC’s mandate to promote safe driving, as well as various other loss prevention strategies.