Optional insurance packages

RoadStar and Roadside Plus packages combine some of our most popular optional products at a great price. They give you valuable coverage at home and while you’re travelling.

​FeaturesRoadside PlusRoadStar
​Loss of Use provides transportation if you can’t use your vehicle after a claim.​Up to $750​Up to $500
​Rental Vehicle Coverage protects you when you’re renting a vehicle or using a courtesy car.​Third Party Liability up to $2 millionCollision, $300 deductibleComprehensive, $300 deductibleThird Party Liability up to $1 millionCollision, $300 deductibleComprehensive, $300 deductible
Vehicle Travel Protection helps cover unexpected expenses due to a claim while travelling.​Included​Included
Lock Rekeying if your keys are stolen.​Up to $1000, no deductible​Up to $500, deductible applies
Emergency Roadside Expense Repayment for vehicle emergencies like breakdowns, locked-in keys, and flat tires.​Included​Not included
Family Worldwide Transportation helps reimburse travel costs for your immediate family members if you’re severely injured in a crash.​Included​Not included
Theft Deductible Waiver means there’s no deductible if your vehicle is stolen or shows obvious signs of an attempted theft.​Included​Not included
Destination Assistance reimburses up to $100 to help you get where you’re going immediately after a collision, theft, or vandalism incident.​Included​Not included

To find out more about how RoadStar or Roadside Plus could benefit you, talk to your Autoplan broker.Find a broker

Why get it? Here’s an example.

Brian loves to drive, especially on road trips. He can’t imagine not having a vehicle to use, so he wants to know he’s covered for lots of situations. He also likes saving money, so the Roadside Plus package is a great option for him. From rental vehicle coverage to lock re-keying, he’ll have great protection, and at a great price.

Need to claim for emergency roadside expenses?

If you have our Roadside Plus package, you can submit a claim online for repayment of emergency roadside expenses. Or, if you prefer, you can complete our Emergency Roadside Expense Repayment form and mail it in.