ICBC changes to insurance

More enhancements to care and recovery benefits

Building on the recent improvements to accident benefits that government brought into effect on April 1, 2019, the Government of British Columbia intends to introduce a new care-based insurance model that ICBC will implement in May 2021. Enhanced Care coverage will ensure that any British Columbian injured in a crash has significantly enhanced recovery benefits. In particular, Enhanced Care coverage provides extended recovery benefits for people who need it most – those who have complex and catastrophic injuries that significantly impact their lives.

Continued focus on patient experience

ICBC’s injury management philosophy will continue to focus on creating a supportive and transparent patient experience that ensures those injured in a crash receive the right care at the right time. Patients who have been injured in a crash will continue to choose their own medical practitioner just like today – this is not done by ICBC.

There will be no change to the clinical autonomy of healthcare providers. Physicians and healthcare providers will lead the development of the injured person’s recovery plan. ICBC will pay for medical care and treatments for as long as necessary. Enhanced Care coverage will ensure that individuals with complex recovery needs, or who will be achieving a different level of function than pre-injury, will have the services they need to maximize their recovery and their future opportunities.

The Provincial Government and ICBC are committed to consulting with physicians and healthcare providers on details relating to injury management and ways to improve administrative efficiencies, so healthcare providers can focus their time supporting their patient’s recovery and not be burdened with excess process and paperwork. Initial consultations will begin in the coming weeks. More details about the care-based model will be shared as we move through 2020 and into 2021.

Check out this FAQ for more information on what this means to healthcare providers.

To learn more about the benefits of Enhanced Care coverage and what it will mean for your patients, visit ICBC.

Further information about the enhancements, what is changing for you, and helpful resources will be shared here and through your associations as we progress towards spring 2021.