ICBC’s Techpilot project

Can telematics technology help make B.C. roads safer while improving driver behaviour? Techpilot is aiming to answer this question, with some help from newer drivers.

Techpilot support and COVID-19

Effective March 25, 2020, and until further notice, ICBC is unable to receive Techpilot phone calls.

If you’re a Techpilot participant, you can contact ICBC at

Why ICBC has undertaken the Techpilot project

The use of telematics is a growing trend for insurers in jurisdictions around the world. With a driver’s consent, a telematics device gathers information for insurers that can allow for a specific assessment of driver behaviour and risk, specifically related to acceleration, braking, cornerning and speed — the kinds of behaviours that can result in crashes.

With the Techpilot project, ICBC is exploring if telematics can help reduce crashes and improve driver behaviour.

How the Techpilot project works

ICBC has partnered with Octo, a company that specializes in telematics technology for insurers.

We’ve recruited thousands of newer drivers across B.C. to see if telematics encourages safe driving behaviour and reduces the number of crashes on B.C. roads.

The pilot, which started in January 2020, will run for one year. Participants will install a telematics device in the vehicle they drive and download an app on their smartphone – together, they gather data on factors such as distances travelled, speeds and braking, and phone interactions, and provide a score and feedback to drivers based on this data. Drivers earn rewards for safe driving, which they can redeem for digital gift cards.

Neither the app nor the device send notifications or require interaction during driving so that drivers will not be distracted.

ICBC will not receive drivers’ location data. Details of how Techpilot project data and personal information are collected, stored and accessed are outlined in its terms and conditions. You can also view our Privacy Impact Assessment.