There are two types of air brake endorsements in B.C.:

  • On-highway. For large trucks, buses and RVs equipped with air brakes that drive on roads and highways in B.C.
  • Off-highway (industrial). Generally used for large vehicles equipped with air brakes when transporting natural resources on logging roads.

Get an on-highway air brake endorsement

To get an on-highway air brake endorsement in B.C. you must:

A road test is not required.

Studying and preparing for your tests

To get​​ ready for your tests, we highly recommend studying the air brake chapters in Driving Commercial Vehicles.

The commercial knowledge test is multiple choice. To pass, you’ll need to get 28 out of 35 questions correct. The test is offered in English. Translators are not allowed.

Where to take your tests

You can take your tests at any driver licensing office.*

*Tests not available at Cloverdale and Surrey Guildford.

Three attempts at knowledge test

You can attempt the knowledge test up to three times. If you’re unsuccessful after three attempts, you’ll need to complete an additional 16 hours of air brake theory training before trying again. This also applies to those who with previous experience who were exempted from training.

Retest waiting period

Study hard so you can pass the test the first time. If you don’t succeed, you can take the test again after 7 days.

Get an off-highway airbrake endorsement

Who needs an industrial endorsement? You need an industrial endorsement if you will be

  • operating unlicensed vehicles that are equipped with air brakes, and
  • these vehicles are being used to transport natural resources on industrial roads.

You do not need an industrial air brake endorsement to operate skidders, loaders, graders or yarders on industrial roads. Contact us for more details.

Requirements for an off-highway air brake endorsement

Age requirement

You must be at least

  • 18 years old for single unit vehicles, or
  • 19 for combination vehicles.

Steps to apply:

  • Become employed by a company that operates on industrial roads.
  • Have the company confirm that it has your completed medical on file (medical forms can be obtained at a driver licensing office).
  • After a minimum 30-day training period, the company must write a proficiency letter on your behalf. At that time, you can apply to write the industrial air exam. For complete details contact us.

Is a training course required?

You do not need to complete an air brake training course to obtain an industrial air brake endorsement. To refresh your knowledge, see Chapter 12 of Driving Commercial Vehicles.