Collision coverage

Cover repair and replacement costs, even if you’re at fault.

Even the best drivers can make mistakes, and fixing your vehicle can be expensive. Collision coverage helps pay for your vehicle repairs, towing, storage and more, even if the crash was your fault.

How does Collision coverage help you?

Collision coverage covers your repair costs when you hit another vehicle, object or the surface of the road.

Note: Some customers with a history of at-fault crashes can only buy Collision insurance with a high deductible, or may not qualify for this coverage.

To find out more about how Collision coverage could benefit you, talk to your Autoplan broker.Find a broker

Why get it? Here’s an example

Dave ran into another car at an intersection. The crash was his fault, but he had Collision coverage. That means the costs for his car’s repairs (minus the deductible) are covered. If he didn’t have collision coverage, he’d have to pay those repair costs—which could be thousands of dollars—himself.