Independent adjusters

ICBC maintains a list of approved Independent Adjusters (IAs) who can assist with providing consistent, quality customer service based on their ability to meet business and qualification standards. The current list of approved IAs was last updated in August 2014 through a competitive bid process.

Most popular forms and documents

Submitting Claim reports to ICBC

Reports and invoices are to be submitted electronically to and they will be associated to the claim within 24 hours of receipt. For invoicing, please continue to use the Independent Adjuster invoice (CL315). Reports will be uploaded to the file and the claims representative will receive an activity to review the report.

When emailing claim reports, supporting documents, and invoices, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Only reports, supporting documents (i.e. statements, scene diagrams, etc.) and invoices are to be submitted to Please do not CC the ICBC claims representative.
  • All supporting document must be submitted as separate attachments in the same email containing the IA report. No other documents are to be submitted to this email address, including invoice reconciliation lists.
  • Enquiry emails are not managed by this mailbox and will be deleted. Please continue to send all enquiries to the ICBC claims representative.
  • Each email should only pertain to one claim.
  • Include the ICBC claim number and the claimant’s first and last name in the email subject line.
  • IA  reports, including photos, should be forwarded as one attachment. Please ensure any accompanying photos are embedded into the report document. Do not send photos as separate attachments. Due to a 25 megabyte file size restriction, ICBC suggests you scale the images to reduce their size.
  • Files must not be password protected.
  • Emailed drop box links and zip files are not acceptable.
  • Do not send reports/invoices previously submitted to ICBC. Duplicate reports/invoices will cause processing delays.
  • Individual invoices must be separate attachments. One PDF document containing multiple invoices is not acceptable.
  • The ICBC claims representative will continue to be your first point of contact for payment enquiries


Pre-qualified IA firms must notify ICBC, in writing, of any changes, by emailing a completed CL174D to Applicable changes include the following:

  • An approved adjuster leaves their employment for any reason.
  • An approved adjuster is relocated to a different office.
  • The firm ceases doing business or amalgamates with another company.
  • The firm closes any of its offices.
  • The firm changes its address, phone, email, or fax number at any of its offices.
  • The firm opens a new office from which an ICBC approved adjuster will be working.
  • The firm hires an approved adjuster who was previously working for another firm. Include a copy of the adjuster’s licence from the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations attaching the adjuster to your company.
  • The firm cancels its Errors & Omissions Insurance or it has been cancelled by the carrier.
  • The firm cancels its WorkSafeBC coverage.
  • An adjuster within the firm has his or her certificate from the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations suspended for any reason.
  • An adjuster within the firm has his or her driver’s licence suspended or prohibited for any reason.