Comprehensive coverage

Non-collision damage can happen in a variety of ways.

Break-ins, a chipped windshield, falling trees—a lot more can happen to a vehicle than just a crash. Comprehensive coverage helps offset the costs from this kind of damage.

How does Comprehensive coverage help you?

Comprehensive covers loss or damage to your vehicle from:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire, earthquake, explosion
  • Falling or flying objects such as a rock or gravel hitting your windshield
  • Hitting a domestic or wild animal
  • Weather—lightning, windstorm, hail, rising water

Windshield repairs now covered under Comprehensive

Windshield repairs can now be done for free under your Comprehensive coverage, without paying a deductible. The windshield damage must meet certain criteria, such as the size and location of the chip, and must be completed at one of ICBC’s Glass Express facilities. Find out more about windshield repairs.

Comprehensive claims will not affect your current safe-driving discount level.

To find out more about how Comprehensive coverage could benefit you, talk to your Autoplan broker.Find a broker

Why get it? Here are some examples

  • Somebo​dy broke into Mandy’s car, stole her prized stereo system and damaged the door locks. She had Comprehensive coverage, and it looked after replacing the stereo and repairing the other damage the thief caused.
  • Don was driving home one evening when a deer ran into the road. He wasn’t able to stop before he hit it. Very scary, plus there was quite a bit of damage to his car. He was relieved to find that the repairs were covered by his Comprehensive insurance.
  • Jim’s windshield was chipped by a flying rock while he was driving. He didn’t want the chip to grow and make his windshield unsafe. He was happy to learn that chip repair was covered by his ICBC Comprehensive coverage. And, he didn’t have to pay a deductible.