There are many reasons why retiring a driver’s licence may be the right choice for you. Discover the why, where, how, and what-next of driver retirement.

Some of the benefits of retiring your driver’s licence

  • No longer having the responsibility of driving. Why not sit back and relax as a passenger?
  • Saving money. The Canadian Automobile Association estimates the cost of driving a new compact car to be over $8,000 a year (based on driving 16,000 km per year).

How to retire your licence

To retire your driver’s licence:

Exchanging your licence for a free BCID

You can exchange your driver’s licence for a free B.C. Identification card (BCID) at any driver licensing office. That way you’ll still have a piece of secure, legal ID.

BC Services card

The BC Services card is also a free, acceptable piece of government photo identification. You can use it in situations where you would have used your licence.

Parking placards for people with disabilities

If you have a disabled parking placard, you can use it in any vehicle. The same privileges will continue to apply, so long as you’re with the driver.

When someone has passed away

If you’ve lost a loved one, please be aware that their driver’s licence, identification card, or BC Services card should be cancelled.

When you’re ready, bring the death certificate and driver’s licence to any driver licensing office, or send it by mail.

Mailing address

ICBC Licensing Unit
PO Box 3750
Victoria, BC V8W 3Y5