External training providers and approved courses

External training

To register for one of the courses below contact the number provided

BCIT Winter Courses

Contact: Shirley Butler – 604-432-8205 or Shirley_Butler@bcit.ca.

These courses are designed for Automotive Repair technicians.

Advanced Auto Training

Contact: Lee Bouchard – 778-242-7356

This 8 hour course is designed for Automotive Repair or Refinish Technicians.

I-CAR – Automotive Industries Association of Canada

Contact: 1-800-808-2920

180 Elgin Street, Suite 1400, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2K3.

To register for any I-Car courses, you need to go through the I-Car website at www.i-car.ca.

Training providers and approved courses

Automotive Repair Technician

To register for these courses or to enquire about course dates, call the number provided.

3M Canada​​mdmcfarland1@mmm.com
3M Plastics and Composites Repair Systems4
Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive4
Perfect-it Paint Finishing System4
Advanced Auto TrainingLee Bouchard – 778-242-7356​Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Repairs8
​Working with Scan Tools​8
Automotive Finish & Equip1-877-388-4523​Laser Mate Three Dimensional Laser Measuring Tech8
Innovation for Precision & Profit8
BCIT​​​Shirley Butler – 604-432-8205​​​Aluminum GMA Welding-ABOD 01048
Structural Diagnostics – ABOD 01038
CFC Emissions – AUTO 01458
Structural Diagnostics for CAR-O-LINER4 (ABOD 0106)8
Chief AutomotiveIan Mitchell – 778-833-3422​Full Frame Analysis & Repair Planning8
Computerized Measuring Training8
Color Compass​​​​​​604-354-8760Sean Skoropat – sskoropat@colorcompass.com
Mig Brazing 9328-014
Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding STRSW 9328-024
Aluminum GMA Mig Welding 9328-034
Betag Small Damage Repair Course8
Betag Steel Outer panel Repair Course8
Betag Aluminum Outer Panel Repair Course8
Betag Plastic Repair Course8
I-CAR CANADA1-800-808-2920 ext 264​I-CAR  Calendar 
I-CAR Course Catalogue
Lord Fusor (Caruk & Assoc)604-802-9643​Metal/Plastic – Bonding & Repair -FUSOR 0014
Panel Bonding, Weld Bonding, Rivet Bonding & Seam Sealing – FUSOR 0024
RS Refinishing1-416-587-1548Celette Training8
SEM Products​​​778-240-4850​​​Adhesive Rivet Weld Bonding4
Automotive Corrosion Protection4
Automotive Foams and Sound Dampening4
Plastic Bumper Repair and Refinishing4
Wedge Clamp Systems604-207-95953D Measuring Course8
​The Complete Wedge Clamp Training Course8​

Automotive Refinish Technician

To register for these courses or to enquire about course dates, call the number provided.

3M Canadamdmcfarland1@mmm.com
3M Plastics and Composites Repair Systems4
Perfect-it Paint Finishing System4
Advanced Auto TrainingLee Bouchard – 778-272-7356Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Repairs8
I-CAR CANADA1-800-808-2920 ext 264,I-CAR Calendar 
I-CAR Course Catalogue
Akzo Nobel604-374-5351Controlling Your Refinish Environment8
Introduction to Tinting with Autowave8
Introduction to Tinting Autowave-Module II-3 stage paint8
Solving Application Errors 20138
Code to Color8
Digitization of Color8
Autowave Tint Course16
Autowave Advance Product Training 201216
Color Process16
Axalta1-800-668-6945 – option 3
Cromax Electronic Colour Tools ELCTE-2158
302 Cromax Advanced Matte Finishes8
Cromax Pro Micro Repair8
301 Standox Standoblue Advanced Tri-Coast and Specialty Colors16
Standox Matte Finishes Introduction SXMC-1048
Standox Colour Matching Techniques SX-CMT8
211-Standox Coloristic 1 – Electronic Colour Tools Course8
101 Cromax Pro Field Certificate8
Standoblue® Introduction …STBIC-1168
Standox® Introduction to Specialty Mid-coats ..STISM-2168
Standox® Surface Preparation Course ..STSPC-2168
Standox Silk Silver Colors – STSSC-5167
301 Cromox Pro Advanced Tri-Coat and Specialty Colours16
201 Cromax Pro Certification Class16
201 Standox® Standoblue® Certification Class16
Standoblue Application Master (STBEM-115)24
102 – Cromax Surface Preparation Certification8
311 – Cromax® Colour 2 – Colour Matching Techniques16
304 Cromax® Pro Advanced Tri-Coat Course8
BASF1-780-982-0904RFN-101 RM Onyx4
RFN-102 RM Advanced Color Techniques4
RFN-201 Glasurit8
RFN-202 Glasurit Advanced Color Techniques8
Velvet Silver8
New Product Update (formerly known as New Product 2013)8
BCITShirley Butler – 604-432-8205VOC – Clearing the Air (ABOD 0107)4
Color Compass604-354-8760 Sean Skoropat – sskoropat@colorcompass.comBetag Plastic Repair Course8
Lord Fusor (Caruk & Assoc)604-802-9643Metal/Plastic – Bonding & Repair -FUSOR 0014
P.P.G1-905-855-4489Aquabase Plus Certification AC 62016
Aquabase Plus Tricoat + Specialty Finishes AC85116
Aquabase Plus Surface Preparation AC 5018
Aquabase Plus Recertification AC 6808
Envirobase Tri Coat + Specialty Finishes PPG 85116
Envirobase HP Surface Preparation PPG 5018
Envirobase HP Recertification PPG 28808
Envirobase HP Certification PPG 282016
Matt Clear Application PPG 5028
SEM Products778-240-4850Plastic Bumper Repair and Refinishing4
Sherwin-Williams604-534-7796ATX Refinish System Painter Certification8
AWX Performance Plus Waterborne Painter Certification16
2010 AWX Application and Color Simplicity16
​SW AWX Painter Certification​16
​Ultra 9K Painter Certification
(Low VOC Version)
Valspar AutomotiveKeith Crossland 
Valspar 999 Basecoat national Rule16
DeBeer WaterBase 900 Low VOC16
DeBeer Color Theory16
Valspar LVB Basecoat16
DeBeer BeroBase 500 National Rule16