Re-exams for commercial drivers or motorcyclists

As part of the process of determining a person’s medical fitness to drive, RoadSafetyBC may require commercial vehicle drivers (Class 1 to 4 licences) or motorcyclists (Class 6) complete a road test re-examination.

You’ll receive a letter from RoadSafetyBC if a re-exam is required, and you’ll have to complete your re-exam within the timeframe specified in your letter.

ICBC driver examiners administer the road test re-exams on behalf of RoadSafetyBC. There is no fee charged for the re-exam.

Why am I being asked to complete a road test re-exam?

The most common reasons why a driver might be asked to complete a re-exam are:

  • A doctor reports a medical condition that may affect their fitness or ability to drive safely
  • Results of a previous on-road assessment suggest a follow-up is necessary
  • A collision report, police report or other report indicates they may be unable or unsure how to handle a common driving situation

What to expect

The road test re-exam is the same length and format as the one taken to receive your Class 1 to 4 or Class 6 licence. In addition to the on-road component of the road test and pre-trip inspection corresponding to your licence class, you will be asked to complete a quick traffic signs/road signals review.

What if I don’t want to take the re-exam?

If you don’t comply with the re-exam, your existing licence will be cancelled and no longer valid. It is a legal requirement to complete the re-exam if you wish to continue driving with your Class 1 to 4 or Class 6 licence.

If you no longer wish to maintain your commercial licence class you may downgrade to a Class 5, though a re-exam, called an Enhanced Road Assessment, may still be required to determine your medical fitness to drive.

You may also choose to retire from driving instead of taking the re-exam. You can exchange your licence for a free British Columbia Identification Card (BCID) at any ICBC driver licensing office.

What happens after?

ICBC will forward your results to RoadSafetyBC, where they will be reviewed along with all other relevant information in your file to make a licensing decision.

If you are unsuccessful on your re-exam, you will be issued a learner’s driver’s licence. This means you will need a licensed supervisor in the vehicle when you drive. Please ensure you bring a licensed companion to your re-exam appointment in the event you are issued a learner’s licence. Provided that safety concerns have not been identified, you may be given an additional opportunity to pass the re-exam.

Book your appointment

To book your road test re-exam, call ICBC (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) at:

  • Metro Vancouver: 604-661-2255
  • Rest of B.C.: 1-888-715-7775