BCUC rates

For the first time in almost a decade we don’t need to increase basic insurance rates for 2020 (policy year).

This is mainly the result of the successful reforms we implemented in April 2019 – increased accident benefits for British Columbians and a limit on pain and suffering payouts for minor injury claims – as well as fewer crashes and injuries than expected. If you’d like to learn more, you can read an overview, Basic insurance rates for 2020 and looking ahead.

While there is no basic rate change for 2020, as drivers continue to renew under our new insurance model, they will pay less or more basic premium depending on their risks, including who drives their vehicle and pricing adjustments to their rate class and territory.

A better, more affordable ICBC

Keeping basic rates stable is an enormous step in the right direction but more needs to be done to achieve affordability.

That’s why government and ICBC are launching a whole new way of doing auto insurance in B.C. starting in spring 2021 – with Enhanced Care which will actually lower the cost of auto insurance for British Columbians by approximately 20 per cent. You can read more about this at icbc.com/2021.