Non-fleet commercial vehicles​

If your business insures fewer than 20 motor vehicles, separate (individually rated) insurance policies for each of your vehicles might be the right fit for you.

To discuss your options or to purchase insurance, contact an ICBC Autoplan broker.

Do the September 1st changes impact my non-fleet commercial vehicles policy?

– You will need to list those who drive your vehicle
– Two new discounts are available to you
– At-fault crashes may impact your drivers/employees (depending on the rate class involved in the crash.)

  • Eligibility
  • How are my premiums set?
  • How to buy


You can purchase insurance separately for each of your vehicles if

  • you’re insuring fewer than 20 motor vehicles, and
  • your vehicles are primarily used for business purposes. 

Note: If you’re insuring five or more vehicles, you have the option of participating under Fleetplan.​