Garage service operations​

Are you in the business of repairing, servicing, storing/parking customers’ cars, or selling cars?

A policy insuring your garage operations provides coverages you need for your customers’ vehicles while they’re in your care, custody or control. The customer’s vehicle insurance doesn’t insure garage service operators while they operate (includes having care, custody or control) a customer’s vehicle in their business. Therefore, the individual/organization operating a customer’s vehicle may find themselves uninsured unless the policy insuring the garage operations is purchased.

To discuss your options or to purchase insurance, contact an ICBC Autoplan broker.

  • Eligibility
  • Vehicles covered
  • How are my premiums set?
  • How to buy


The most common businesses using this coverage are repair garagesservice stationsbody shops and auto dealers.

You’ll need a Garage policy if you’re in the business of

  • selling
  • repairing
  • maintaining
  • storing
  • servicing
  • towing or
  • parking vehicles.

Many other kinds of businesses also need a Garage policy. Just a few examples include

  • car radio repair shops
  • auto glass shops
  • car cleaning operations, and
  • schools with automotive training facilities.​

Vehicles covered

Your Garage policy can cover all the vehicles you need for your business.

It covers your customers’ vehicles and your owned business vehicles. It can also cover dealer stock (vehicle inventory).​

How we set your premiums

Your policy is rated according to

  • total number of plates purchased (premium for owned vehicles only)
  • total number of employees (premium for customers’ vehicles only)
  • value of owned vehicles (premium for owned vehicles only)
  • value of non-owned vehicles (premium for customers’ vehicles only)
  • type of business
  • the coverage requested
  • the territory where you are based.

How to buy

We have over 900 Autoplan brokers across B.C. to serve you.

To purchase garage coverage or to discuss your options, contact an ICBC Autoplan broker.