Driver prohibitions are issued by RoadSafetyBC. The Office can impose interventions and refer drivers to programs to improve driving behaviour. If you’ve received a prohibition, you won’t be able to drive for a certain amount of time.​

​Types of driving prohibitions

There are different types of driving prohibitions, including:

24-hour roadside prohibition

A prohibition issued to drivers impaired by alcohol, drugs, or both. Read more

Immediate roadside prohibition

A three, seven, 30 or 90-day prohibition issued at the roadside to alcohol-impaired drivers under B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act. Criminal charges may be laid separately. Read more​​

​​Administrative driving prohibition (ADP)

A 90-day driving prohibition issued to impaired drivers under the Motor Vehicle Act. Criminal charges may be laid separately. Read more

Unlicensed driver prohibition

A prohibition may be issued for repeat unlicensed-driving offences. The length of prohibition is indefinite until the driver becomes licensed.

Driver Improvement Program prohibitions

A prohibition may be issued to drivers because of a poor driving record, or for other reasons decided by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. The length of the driving prohibition is decided individually for each case. Read more

My combination B.C. driver’s licence and Services Card was seized

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